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Day Trip to the Dark Side

โ€œFear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.โ€

Yoda – Starwars

Guess what, the little guys right, but then he usually was.

Why do we hate, putting it simply, because we’re afraid.

Why are we afraid ? Because something or someone is different, looks different, behaves different, or is in some way a threat (real or imaginary). Basically it or they stand out, or are marked out in some way by society, and we perceive the threat as a danger to ourselves, our families, or our way of life.

And because we don’t like living in fear we lash out in anger, and because the anger can’t be sustained indefinitely it soon evolves into hate, becoming stronger as time passes.

If the target doesn’t defend itself, then the hatred is because we realize that what we’re doing is wrong, but we rationalize our actions as defending our selves, our way of life. and that somehow the target deserves what’s coming to it. BUT, if the target dares to defend itself, then obviously, we were right in what we’re doing, after all we just beat them to the punch didn’t we.

An example that is in motion as I type this, is the 99% against the 1%.


The 1%, who’s only care seems to be for enriching themselves, along with attempting to control society, are putting at risk the livelihoods of the families and workers of the countries of the world

This is being perceived as a threat by the people ( FEAR )…


…The 99% in the form of the Occupy Movement protest ( ANGER ), the 1% seeing a threat, retaliate using the police and other means within their control, this ramps up the anger of the 99%…


…which turns to HATE and will eventually turn to violence.

Now, as things at present are deteriorating around the world in a seemingly endless cascade of financial depression and debt, we should remember the fears that we all have about this period of financial instability are illusionary in nature, nothing in our worldwide society has physically changed, the ONLY change has been the apparent value of things, I say apparent value, because it all depends upon how much YOU the current owner values it – To a thirsty man in the middle of a desert, a cup of water would be almost beyond price, but to that same person sitting at home, that same cup of water would be practically worthless, if all they had to do is run a tap to get it.

That money that people are putting such a high value on, is just a mix of paper & cloth( I bet most of you didn’t know that papers to fragile), and the coins just pieces of metal. As to the money in the banks, that’s just numbers in a computer, if the numbers change in my account, my value doesn’t change. If my account decreases in size, I don’t shrink, nor do I get taller or fatter should the numbers go up.

If your wondering what FEAR, ANGER and HATE and a seemingly endless slide down to the DARK SIDE have to do with money, just look at the news concerning Greece, Spain and the European Banks

Please feel free to comment, I would welcome your input, though I cannot guarantee that I’ll agree with with it



Fear and Loathing

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

Bertrand Russell

You my friend have no idea idea just how nervous I’ve been about starting this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

I remember reading once that there are two kinds of fear, Fear of what is, and Fear of what might be.

Fear of what might be

This is the fear that the vast majority of us face, on an almost daily basis. Fear that we may lose our jobs, our homes, our health.

Fear that we may not get the big contract that our employers wanted, that we won’t reach our quotas this month. Fear that we wont have enough money for the bills, for the food. Fear that we’ll NEVER have enough.

Our minds working overtime worrying about things that probably won’t happen, spending so much time doing it, that in the end it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

Fear of what is

This is the fear that few of us ( hopefully ) face, an example of which would be, a rampaging grizzly bear, that is about to get up close and personal with you, and you just know isn’t about to invite you to a tea dance.

Now as debilitating and paralysing as both types of fear are, and yes both types can kill, the first slowly by stress which can slowly wear you down, either physically or mentally, and the second by the simple quick cessation of life.

For myself, my nervousness about starting this blog, was most definitely a minor example of the first type. as usual it took me a little while to remember the truth.

My nervousness stemming mostly from ‘what will people think’ in truth probably a rather weak excuse, but still incredibly effective at stopping me.

So yet again I find myself asking the same ‘old’ question –

“Why is it that we allow our selves to be controlled by the Fear of what maybe, when in truth it’s just a fantasy created by our imaginations, and it’s the second type Fear of what is that can really cause you problems ?”